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Labor Redistributions

Labor costs cannot be moved with journal vouchers like most other expenses. Besides a few exceptions, most labor expenses (account codes beginning with a 2) need to be moved with labor redistributions via Banner form PZAREDS.


Permission to view or redistribute an employee’s gross payroll form PZAREDS in Banner is determined by a person’s access to the employee’s Home Org.

If you get an error message in Banner that says there is no data to view for an employee who you know was paid for a given pay event, it is likely that you do not have permission to view that employee's Home Org.


In addition to the information below, you can learn about processing labor redistributions with the following job aids:

Timeline of Processing

Transactions that make it to disposition 60 prior to 5 p.m. will be moved to disposition 70 and posted to Banner that night unless there is a payroll calculation that night. In the event of a payroll calculation transactions will be updated and posted the following night. Transactions less than disposition 60 need the processor to finish the steps in the above job aid to post.

Effective date usage

The effective date used in the labor redistribution is when the transaction will be posted to Banner. Extra care needs to be taken at year end to make sure that transactions are posted to the correct FY with the correct posting override date.


It is always best practice to leave comments with any labor redistribution like FOATEXT when processing a journal voucher (JV). Basic information such as the reason for the redistribution, your name, phone number, and email address should be included so that future reviewers are able to contact you with questions.

Account Code Usage

The payroll system is designed to automatically use the correct account code on payroll charges depending on how a position is set up as well as factoring in any potential overrides in the system. Therefore, there are very few circumstances where you should update the account code in a labor redistribution.