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The University Contracts webpage provides general guidance about contract initiation based on thresholds along with information about contract records, retention policies, purchase orders, terms, conditions, and certifications. The contracting process is handled within Contracts+ application.

Contracts for Supplies and Services

Procurements for supplies and services under $10,000 can be handled with an iBuy requisition. The purchase order issued from iBuy serves as the contract and has all applicable University terms and conditions. Please see 6.1.1 Determine Minimum Insurance Requirements for Vendors for additional information on risk tier levels.

Procurements in excess of $10,000 will require a contract. Please see the Contracts+ webpage for information on how to submit a contract request in Contracts+. For more information, contact your Purchasing office.

Contract Records and Retention

This page provides information on how contract-related documents are process, store and retained. University of Illinois System adheres to strict retention policies to ensure compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations. The retention policies ensure that contracts are securely stored and accessible when needed.

Purchase Order: Terms, Conditions, and Certifications

This page provides information on the terms and conditions associated with purchase orders issued by the university, including separately signed contracts, change orders, purchase order terms and conditions, state vendor certifications, and any additional purchase order terms and conditions.