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Paying People

Cash Advances

When there is an expense that cannot be charged to a Procurement Card (PCard) or a Travel Card (TCard) and requires a cash payment, these can be requested as a cash advance. Cash advances must be requested by submitting an Expense Report (ER) in advance of the payment. Cash advances are processed in Chrome River by using Cash Advance Request as the Report Type on an ER. Explore the links below to learn more about cash advances, what they are used for, and how to process them.


Review policy information to understand what cash advances are, how they are used, and the associated roles and responsibilities.

Policy 8.3 Cash Advances

Provides detailed information on what cash advances are used for, and the role and responsibilities of individuals involved in the process of issuing, reconciling, extending, and closing a cash advance.

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Policy 8.4.1 Cash Advances for Human Subject Payments

When human subjects are offered financial incentives to participate in research, a cash advance may be required to pay them in the form of cash or cash equivalents. A cash advance must be issued in the name of the principal investigator or designee responsible for the program. This individual is the custodian of the advance.

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Policy 15.1.1 Cash Advances for Travel

Cash advances for travel are provided only for expenses that cannot be charged on a U of I System TCard and may only be used for travel expenses. A cash advance for travel must be promptly accounted for and/or repaid upon completion of the travel.

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Review training information to learn how to process cash advances.

Open and Close an Advance

To open an advance, an ER must be created with Cash Advance Request as the Report Type. A second (closing) ER must be created to reconcile expense receipts and the advance is treated as a TCard transaction. The person requesting the advance through the ER will be the person receiving the advance. In other words, if you are requesting an advance for another person, you must create the ER via a delegate.

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Replenish a Cash Advance

To Replenish a Program Advance, an ER must be created by the cash advance owner, or their delegate, using the Purpose TCard and Employee Reimbursements.

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