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Banner Fund Codes

The fund code segment (i.e., the “F” in the C-FOAPAL) is an important segment of the Banner accounting string, which was designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To classify the University of Illinois System’s various financial resources into separate fund types for financial reporting purposes, enabling us to compile financial statements which accurately communicate where system funding comes from.
    • For example, financial resources received from donors would be classified into a gift fund, while financial resources received from State of Illinois appropriations would be classified in a state fund.
  • Classifying these various types of financial resources into separate fund types also helps us properly monitor these financial resources which have been appropriated, awarded, contributed, earned, and entrusted to the U of I System for proper stewardship.
    • For example, each funding source may have different sets of restrictions and guidelines which must be followed. By separating these funding sources into different fund types, we are better able to monitor compliance with those various restrictions and guidelines.

Commonly Used Fund Types

See below for a short list of fund types that are commonly used across the U of I System.

State Funds

This fund type (primarily fund type 1A) resides in the 1000YY – 1800YY numerical range, with YY representing the applicable fiscal year. State funds are primarily generated from state appropriation revenue as well as revenue from tuition and certain types of fees (such as mandatory fees) assessed to students. For further details regarding state funds, visit the State Funds webpage.

Administrative Allowance Funds

This fund type (2A) resides in the 2002nn numerical range. These funds are generated from administrative allowance assessments charged to other fund types, such as self-supporting funds. For further details regarding administrative allowance funds, visit the Administrative Allowance Funds webpage.

Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) Funds

This fund type (2C) has one primary fund code number (200250). This fund code is used across the entire system, which each unit denoting their slice of this fund using their unit-specific organization and program code. These funds are generated from indirect cost assessments charged to grant funds. For further details regarding ICR funds, visit the ICR Funds webpage.

Self-Supporting Funds

This type of fund (which is accounted for in the 3Q, 3E, 3J, and 3M fund types) resides in the 300000 – 399999 numerical range and is comprised of revenue generated from the sale of goods and services to all types of customers. For further details regarding self-supporting funds, visit the Self-Supporting Funds webpage.

Gift Funds

This fund type (4M) resides in the 620000 – 639999 numerical range and is comprised of gift revenue received via contributions from external donors. For further details regarding gift funds, visit the Gift Funds webpage.

Who to Ask

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