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Payroll and Benefits

All employees at the University of Illinois System are paid either on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. The U of I System pays bi-weekly employees every other Wednesday approximately 10 days after the pay period end date. The system pays monthly paid employees on the 16th of the month following the service dates of the 16th through the 15th. If the 16th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, then the pay date is the last workday prior.

Please take note of the deadlines for paperwork submission to Human Resources for each pay period. Adhering to these deadlines is crucial for employees to receive their full paycheck on the scheduled payday.

University Payroll & Benefits (UPB) facilitates accurate, timely payment and benefits enrollment of employees on each of the three universities. UPB manages payroll schedules, earnings, deductions, taxes, and time reporting. For physical locations and phone support, see the About UPB page.


Payroll Schedules

View and download current and previous payroll schedules

Understanding Your Paycheck

Find information about earning statements, payroll deductions and distributions, as well as tax information and forms.

Tax Information & Forms

Learn about tax forms, withholding certificates, and access information on taxability of tuition and fees.

Employee Address Change

Access content about how employee address changes are performed for both active and terminated employees.

Payroll Transaction Processing

Review content on payment processing, payroll adjustments, and overpayments.

Benefits Information

View links to resources on enrolling in state benefits and links to other critical benefits information.

UPB Service Portal

Select your university to create a service ticket and access support knowledge.

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