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Finding Goods and Services

Explore numerous avenues for procuring goods and services, each accompanied by its own set of policies and regulations to navigate. This section serves as a comprehensive guide to facilitate informed decision-making for procurement of goods and services, including selecting diverse vendors on Supplier Diversity section, the use of Campus Stores and guidance on Buying Specific Commodities.

Buying Specific Commodities

Gain insights into the specific rules and regulations governing the procurement of various commodities and services. Whether you're purchasing technology, healthcare services, or other specialized goods, this page provides comprehensive guidance to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Campus Stores

Explore a curated selection of goods and services specifically tailored to the unique needs of the academic community through convenient access to essential goods and services. This page is a one-stop shop for all things related to campus retail and procurement.

Looking for iBuy, Amazon Business or Competitive Soliciation information?

iBuy is an online marketplace for purchasing goods and services. Access iBuy.

When iBuy contracts are not available, university staff who have been authorized to participate in the University’s Amazon Business account may have the option to utilize Amazon as an alternative. Access Amazon Business.

When buyers wish to purchase a good or service that is over the Small Purchase Limits / Competitive Solicitation Thresholds the purchase must go through a competitive solicitation process.

Surplus Warehouse

The University of Illinois System is committed to maximizing the use of its equipment resources. Departments can access surplus equipment at campus warehouses for system use, with only transportation costs applying. The available items range from computers to furniture, emphasizing our commitment to resource efficiency and accessibility within the system. Access Surplus Warehouse Operations webpage to search for equipment.


The Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative (IPHEC) streamlines procurement processes by consolidating common needs across multiple state universities into a single bid. This process involves one university initiating and receiving bids for a specific commodity, with all thirteen Illinois public universities participating in the Cooperative. Visit the IPHEC website to view learn more.

Strategic Procurement

The Strategic Awards document contains an overview of commonly used strategic procurements solicited by university purchasing departments and cooperatives that are available System-wide. Orders can be placed through iBuy or through contacting the Purchasing Division.