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Financial Controls and Security

The Office of the Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Comptroller coordinates with auditors and security professionals across the University of Illinois System to create and promote policies and procedures providing adequate controls for the management of the University of Illinois System's business and assets.

Financial Controls and Security includes policies for Audits, Internal Control, and Business System Security, as well as fraud prevention and identity theft awareness. Explore this section of the website to learn more.

Internal Controls

Policy 9.1.2 is in place to mitigate the inherent risks of prohibited system role combinations through the segregation of duties. Any employee who holds these prohibited role combinations is required to remove the role combinations to reduce risk to the University of Illinois System.


The FCIAA Certification provides a mechanism for the University of Illinois System to report its internal control compliance. Annually, unit heads and financial officers are required to submit a FCIAA Certification for each of their respective departments.

Fraud Prevention

As members of the University of Illinois System community, your role in preventing fraud is crucial. This webpage offers essential fraud awareness information to help you recognize and address potentially fraudulent activities.

Identity Theft Prevention

To combat identity theft at a business level, the Federal Trade Commission enacted the Red Flags Rule, which compels companies and organizations that handle personal information and financial accounts to establish identity theft prevention programs.