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The Budget Offices support strategic resource allocation decisions to facilitate the optimal use of financial resources and serve as a financial partner for University Of Illinois System and university leadership in the areas of financial planning, budget and financial policy analysis, and fiscal administration.

The Budget Offices coordinate the annual budget development processes that result in the preparation of the University of Illinois System Budget Summary for Operations document presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

The Budget Offices also implement programmatic allocations and establish original budgets for:

  • State funds
  • Institutional funds, including administrative allowance, ICR, and royalty
  • Self-Supporting funds (university specific)
  • Service Plans (UIC only)

In addition, ongoing budget maintenance is provided for these fund groups throughout the fiscal year by reviewing and processing authorized transfers, revisions, and allocations.

Budget Offices

There are different Budget Offices for UIC, UIUC, and UIS, as well as a separate budget office for the System Offices.

For budgeting needs pertaining to UIUC, please visit the UIUC Provost Office Budget Page.

Financial Query Resources

The following Web Intelligence queries are available to units seeking additional resources for managing their financials. In order to run the queries, you must have access to the data warehouse and Web Intelligence. Information on access, training, and other resources for Web Intelligence can be found on the Decision Support website.

Feel free to download the queries and alter them to suit your specific needs.

Query Name Purpose
Budget Memo Log View budget transactions (both sides of entry) (Web intelligence file)
Self-Supporting/Gift Cash & Fund Balances View cash & fund balances for gift & self-supporting funds (Web intelligence file)
State & Institutional BBA View State & Institutional Accounted Budget & BBA (Web intelligence file)
Expenditures by Account Type View aggregated expenditures by account type (Web intelligence file)
Banner Transaction Detail View banner transactions (Web intelligence file)
New Cash & Fund Balance View cash & fund balance Includes program code associated with gift funds (Web intelligence file)

For budgeting needs pertaining to UIC, please visit the Office of Budget and Financial Analysis website.

For budgeting needs pertaining to UIS, please visit the Springfield Office of Budget and Financial Analysis website.

The System Offices Budget Office manages budget related issues for System Offices.

Budget Adjustment Requests for System Offices

System Offices Units may process temporary budget adjustments via Banner or Finance Feeder Front-End. Review the FAQ at System Offices Budget Transfer Approval Queue Training FAQ. Alternatively, System Office Units may submit temporary budget adjustment requests to System Office Shared Services by emailing Make sure to include the full CFOAPs to be debited and credited (temporary budget transfer requests involving more than two CFOAPs may use a feeder template).

Questions regarding permanent System Offices budget allocations should be directed to Karen Greenwalt, Assistant Vice President for Budget and Business Operations, at (217) 265-6375 or

System Offices Business Manager Expectation Guidelines

Note: System Offices Shared Services can assist with many of these functions.

Review balances monthly

  • My-UI-Financials is a great resource for balance information
    • Note: the Financial Summary Trends tab breaks out budget by carryforward, recurring, and temporary transfers
    • Refer to UAFR - Finding Your C-FOP Balance for additional methods to check balances.
  • Reconcile monthly charges to your unit's CFOPs
  • Resolve deficits by transferring expenses to an allowable funding source or requesting temporary budget transfers (where applicable) through Shared Services
    • If the deficit cannot be resolved within the unit, work with the CFO Office through the Annual System Offices Budget Process to resolve any funding gaps
    • CFOPs in deficit at year-end may be required to complete the System Offices Business Plan to Eliminate Deficit Form
  • Correct rogue CFOPs

Review encumbrances

Monitor recurring expenses compared to recurring funding

  • Carryforward budget should not be used to fund personnel costs without VP approval
  • When reviewing recurring costs, make sure to add in expenses related to open positions or personnel actions in process
  • Work with the CFO Office and through the Annual System Offices Budget Process to resolve any funding gaps

When possible, only use State and 200201 funding for personnel costs

  • These sources are exempt from fringe benefits
  • ICR, Royalty, 200200 and/or 200203 should be used for non-personnel costs
  • Other than grant funds, personnel costs should NOT post to funds other than State or 200201
  • More information on fund types can be found at Banner Fund Codes - Business & Finance

Review High Risk Role Combinations within your unit

The Office for Planning & Budgeting is responsible for coordinating the production of the University of Illinois System Budget Summary for Operations (BSO). The office also works with the CFO and UAFR on system offices budget allocations.