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Paying People
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Paying People

Payroll & Benefits

Explore this section to find information about paychecks, payroll schedules, taxes, payroll transaction processing, and employee benefits.


This section provides information regarding reimbursement to employees and other non-payroll payments, including requirements for travel and miscellaneous reimbursements to employees, as well as procedures for requesting reimbursements.

Cash Advances

Review this section to learn about expenses that can be requested as a cash advance.

Payments to Foreign Nationals

Before you consider any action that would result in a payment to a foreign national, please review the information and resources available in this section.

Payments to Non-Employees

In this section, you will find information about payments such as honoraria and participant support costs.

Payments to Students

This information provides guidance to units for making payments to students, including detailed for reporting and regulatory requirements, processing instructions, and information for students.