University of Illinois System
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Headquarters and Travel Status

Employees are on travel status while away from official headquarters on authorized University of Illinois System business. Employees are not in travel status during their normal daily commute to and from work.

Travel Status Begins

When employees leave headquarters, their residence, or other authorized locations to go directly to their destination.

Travel Status Ends

When employees return directly to headquarters, their residence, or other authorized locations after completing system business.


Official headquarters is where employees perform most of their duties, usually the area within the city limits. However, headquarters for employees at the University of Illinois Chicago is defined as the campus area. An employee's residence may be considered their official headquarters if their assigned duties require non-commuting travel every working day.


The round-trip mileage between the employee's residence and headquarters. This is not a reimbursable expense.

Travel Mileage

Travel mileage begins at an employee’s residence or headquarters depending on which one is closer to their destination. For example, John and Mary below traveled to the same destination. John's travel mileage began and ended at headquarters because he would have had to go to and from work that day even if he were not traveling. Mary's travel mileage began and ended at her house because it is closer to her destination than headquarters.


Map showing Mary's house is between the destination and headquarters and John's House is further away from the Destination than Headquarters