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Travel Payment and Reimbursements

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Air Travel, Car Rentals, Passenger Vehicles, Hotels and Lodging, Meals/Per Diem


The University Travel Card (TCard) is the preferred method of payment for any qualified travel related purchase; airfare, hotel rooms, car rental, bus and rail, etc.

Employees can also pay for travel expenses with a personal credit card and then submit an Expense Report through Chrome River for reimbursement after travel is completed.


University of Illinois System employees on approved business travel status are eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses based on the type of travel and not to exceed the maximum allowances established by the Illinois Higher Education Travel Control Board. For further information about policies and procedures associated with employee business travel, see Business and Financial Policies and Procedures Manual, 15 - Travel.

Cash Advances for Travel

Use the following policies and procedures to process travel advances issued to employees of the University of Illinois System for domestic travel of seven or more consecutive days or international travel:


Are travel advances limited to a certain dollar amount or other regulations?

There is no set maximum, but travel advance requests must provide a reasonable estimate of anticipated expenses and are normally only issued for foreign travel or for domestic travel exceeding seven days. Advances are only provided for expenses that cannot be charged on a TCard (Travel Card).

Only one travel advance can be given at a time to the same employee. The payee is personally responsible for the safekeeping and repayment of the advance. Lost or stolen advances cannot be replaced using any type of university fund.

Can a student request a travel advance in his/her name?

Only if the student is also an employee and is traveling on system business (see Section 15-Travel of the Business and Financial Policies and Procedures manual for additional information).