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Equipment Management
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Equipment Overview

An item is considered equipment if it meets all the following criteria:

  • It is tangible property that lasts more than one year.
  • It costs more than $100.
  • It keeps its own identity, meaning it is not absorbed into another piece of equipment.
  • It is movable; it cannot be permanently fixed or attached to a building.

While equipment valued less than $2,500 is not recorded in Banner Fixed Assets, items of equipment should not be considered expendable based solely on the recorded value. All U of I System equipment is identified with a "Property of the State of Illinois" label for items under the threshold or a "University of Illinois, State of Illinois" assigned PTag for equipment items recorded in Banner Fixed Assets.

Unit Assigned Equipment Management Roles

Each unit must assign individuals to serve as a FABweb Unit Rep, FABweb Approver, Biennial Unit Contact, and Biennial Unit Head. For detailed information about the FABweb Unit Rep and Biennial Unit Contact's responsibilities, consult OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 12.2.2 Unit FABweb and Biennial Roles and Responsibilities. Contact your Unit Security Contact (USC) to update these unit-assigned roles for FABweb or Biennial Inventory.

Equipment Management Resources

  • Banner
    The official system of record for University of Illinois property.
  • FFIMAST - Fixed Asset Master Query
    Look up an inventoried asset by OTag or PTag.
  • FOIDOCH - Document History
    Search for equipment information by entering PTag number, purchase order, invoice, etc.
    Retrieve, view, and print the Fixed Asset by Organization Report.
  • FABweb Unit Rep Certificate Course
    In this course, you will learn about the roles, responsibilities, and systems involved in processing property records, as well as the codes and labels used to classify and identify equipment. Completion of the course is required before new Biennial Unit Contact roles can be assigned via your Unit Security Contact.
  • Biennial Unit Contact Certificate Course
    This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and resources required to fulfill your duties as a Unit Contact. Completion of the course is required before new FABweb Unit Rep roles can be assigned via your Unit Security Contact.

Who to Ask

Email UPAR with any special requests for additional data. When doing so, please include “Special Request” in the subject line.