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Funding Language for Board of Trustees Roll Call Items and Contracts

Roll Call Items

Roll call items seeking Board of Trustees approval of capital project budgets, purchases, contracts, change orders, or leases must contain the appropriate funding language both in the heading of the roll call item labeled “Funding:” and in the body of the roll call item demonstrating compliance with the General Rules and Illinois State Statutes. The following identifies the appropriate funding language to ensure such compliance. The chief business officers at the universities are available to assist with identifying the appropriate funding language for Board Items.

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State Funds Operating Appropriation

Institutional Funds

Federal, State, or City Grant or Contract Funds

Revenue Bonds Funds

Gift/Endowment Funds

State Capital Development Board Funds

Auxiliary Facility System Repair and Replacement Reserve Funds

Activity, Storeroom, and Service Funds

Health Services Facilities System Fund

Medical Service Plan Funds

Last Updated: July 13, 2021 | Approved: Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller | Effective: March 2004