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8.8.3 Determine Status of Checks Not Received by the Payee

Policy Statement

If a vendor or payee contacts your unit because they did not receive a check, University Payables (UPAY) will assist in determining the status of checks not received by the payee when notified.


To determine status of checks not received by the payee:

If the check has been cashed, UPAY notifies the payee and/or your unit and provides a copy of the endorsed check.
If the check has NOT been cashed, UPAY submits a Stop Payment request for the original check and reissues payment.
  1. Complete and submit a Payment Action Request form. Consult Payment Action Requests for information on when to use this form.
  2. UPAY determines whether the check has been cashed:
  3. If the payee claims they did not cash the check, UPAY forwards a Check Fraud Affidavit to them to complete and submit to UPAY.
  4. UPAY sends the Check Fraud Affidavit to Cash Management who works with the bank to determine if fraud has occurred.
  5. When a determination has been made, Cash Management notifies UPAY. If fraud has occurred, the payee is paid through a University of Illinois System account. The unit is not charged for the reissued payment.

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Payment Action Request
Check Fraud Affidavit - supplied by UPAY

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Last Updated: March 19, 2013 | Approved: Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance | Effective: September 2012