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8.4.3 Replenish a Program Advance to Pay Human Subjects

Policy Statement

Before you begin the procedure, it is the custodian’s and business manager’s responsibility to become familiar with additional policies related to this topic. Custodian should account for funds used, and may request funds for additional payments under the same program while the program is still active. This required reconciliation event must occur every 90 days.

Reason for the Policy

Replenishing a human subject advance every 30 days ensures that expenses are being promptly recorded in Banner and allows the custodian to fund the study on an ongoing basis.


To replenish a cash advance:

Please note: Payments issued via check may require an additional 3 business days to process.


  1. Gather receipts or other documentation for the money already distributed. Information that needs to be provided in the back-up documents should include any travel receipts, purchase receipts, IRB approval number, the name of participants, the amount of the payment, and the recipient’s signature. If this is a confidential study a unique identifier can be populated in place of the participant’s name.
  2. Log in to Chrome River. In the Expenses Ribbon select the + Create.
  3. In the Document Header screen, begin your Report Title with "ADVR". Select "T-Card and Employee Reimbursement" as the report type.
  4. Proceed through the screens. Consult the job aid Replenish a Program Advance.
  5. UPAY reviews the request and processes for payment.


A reconciliation must be completed any time a cash advance is replenished as described in 8.3.2 Reconciliation of a Cash Advance. Replenishment activities do not alter the original due date of the advance. See 8.3.4 Extension of Cash Advance Due Date.

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