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What's New

24.1 Release - 3/17/2024

The iBuy Release 24.1 was completed on Sunday, March 17th, 2024. Enhancements in this release that affect iBuy users are outlined below. 

eProcurement and Invoice

  • Pending Approval and Reminder Email Notifications:
    The format of the Pending Approval and Reminder email notifications has been updated.


  • PDF Document Attachments:
    PDF Document Attachments are now visible in PDF Viewer directly within the contract in iBuy. Users may still download the attachments if they wish, but downloading will no longer be the default behavior. The PDF Viewer only supports files up to 50MB. Files greater than 50MB in size will only be visible by download.

iBuy Purchase Requisition Form and Standing Order Form Changes Live December 1

Communication Details

General Topic Summary based on the questions presented during information sessions on November 29 & November 30.

Overview of the Friday, December 1 updates:

  • There are updated and new required questions under the Order Information section within the Purchase Requisition Form.
    • Have any goods already been received, or services performed for this requisition or is this order to accommodate a cancel and replace Purchase Order?
    • Do any items on your order require an equipment inventory Ptag?
  • There is a change in how you add multiple lines within the Purchase Requisition Form and the Standing Order Form.
  • The addition of the FOB Code selection in the Shipping section of the cart before submitting.

Updated Job Aids available at iBuy Training Materials:

  • Shopping
    • Shopping Methods and Tips
  • Requisition Creation
    • Completing the Purchase Requisition Form
    • Completing the Standing Order Form
    • Splitting Accounting Codes (C-FOAPAL)
    • Using Equipment and Non-Equipment Account Codes on the Same Requisition
  • PO Change Request
    • Completing the PO Change Request Form