University of Illinois System

Business & Finance Applications

Account Code Search

The Account Code Search application allows you to identify the proper account code to use in various transactions. This application provides the full details behind each account code.

Adjustment Notification Application (ANA)

ANA is a secure web-based application used to initiate requests for other payroll adjustments not processed in PARIS.

Banner Administrative Pages

Administrative Pages provide an interface to access data to process Human Resources, Finance, Financial Aid, and Payroll transactions.

Chrome River

Chrome River Expense is the online employee reimbursement and card reconciliation program for the University of Illinois System.


Contracts+, a module of iBuy, is the University of Illinois System's contract drafting and management system.


UPS CampusShip features PCard payment, one-screen shipping information, and displays university discounted prices.


The Enterprise Data Delivery Information Environment (EDDIE) system is a Business Objects environment for delivery of query, analysis, and reporting at the University of Illinois System.


FABPlus is a comprehensive application designed to streamline and enhance inventory management practices for items below the fixed asset threshold. A sister application to FABweb, FABPlus syncs from Banner nightly to help deliver a more complete view of inventory.

FABweb/Biennial Inventory

University of Illinois System property records are maintained in Banner Fixed Asset. Units use FABweb to maintain their equipment records.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheets are a year-end tool used to report information related to accrual, deferral, and/or inventory adjustments as of June 30 for self-supporting funds and certain types of health service plan funds to ensure proper financial reporting at year-end.


Fiscal Control and Internal Auditing Act (FCIAA) is mandated by the State of Illinois to report fiscal and administrative systems of internal control.

Finance Feeder Front-End

The Finance Feeder Front-End improves efficiencies and reduces risks when Journal Voucher and Accounts Receivable transactions are submitted for processing into Banner using a feeder file.

HR FrontEnd

HR FrontEnd is used for processing most of the key human resource events within an employee’s employment cycle including new hire, add a job, employee data maintenance, job record change, end a job, historical job change, labor distribution change, reappointment, and separation.


IBuy is an online marketplace for purchasing goods and services at the University of Illinois System.

iTravel Online Booking Tool

iTravel assists employees with booking travel, adding travel details and assigning travel arranger to book travel on their behalf.

Mobius View

Mobius View enables users to search for, display, and archive content from multiple, disparate sources.

My-UI-Financials & Access Manager

My-UI-Financials is a report distribution system. With My-UI-Financials, you have quick access to all your financial and payroll reports, in one place.

Access Manager is the application where report assigners can add, modify, or delete a user's access to My-UI-Financials.

MyResearch Portal

MyResearch Portal provides investigators with access to administrative data for their sponsored research.

PCard Web Solution

The PCard Web Solution (PCard Software) system is used by all assigned role holders in the PCard Program.


Payroll Adjustment Request Interface System (PARIS) is a payroll adjustment entry system that interfaces with Banner.


Protected Email Attachment Repository (PEAR) is a closed webmail application available to anyone with a valid University of Illinois NetID to securely exchange information.

Student Account Payment Request

Student Account Payment Request (SAPR) form is used for departments to apply a payment on a student's account, as well as for an employee's account for graduate-level tuition and fees.

TCard Solution

(TCS) system software is used by Department Card Managers (DCMs) and their authorized delegate(s) to administer the TCard program for their assigned units.


TEM was replaced by Chrome River and is used to view archived Expense Reports submitted in TEM before 2022.

Unclaimed Bank Wires

Unclaimed bank wires are wire transfers, ACH and EFT transactions that are deposited into the system's bank accounts but unidentified to a specific department or unit.

USC Security Application

The Security Application for Unit Security Contacts (USCs) will allow USCs to request access to various programs and forms.