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8.6.1 Request Direct Payment for Approved Goods and Services

Policy Statement

Units may request direct payment for goods and services that are allowed on the Chrome River Allowable Payments List.

Reason for the Policy

The Illinois Procurement Code and other applicable laws regulate the procurement and payment processes at the University of Illinois System. The system is also subject to and complies with the State Prompt Payment Act 30 ILCS 540, which mandates that invoices charged against state appropriated funds must be paid within 90 days of receiving a complete (proper) invoice. To avoid paying interest on late payments, units must process invoices promptly.

Applicability of the Policy

Units may only request direct payment for goods and services listed on the Chrome River Allowable Payments List. Items not contained in this list must be paid using other processes in accordance with the policies and procedures for such processes.

General services (non-professional and artistic) must be processed through the Purchasing Division unless the item is on the Chrome River Allowable Payments List below. 

If a purchase contract is required, other than one of the contract templates referenced on the Chrome River Allowable Payments List, payments for such contract must be initiated using an iBuy or Banner requisition and processed in accordance with the Vendor Invoice Payment Process, or PCard Restricted Purchases for computer software and electronic services.


The following goods and services are eligible for direct payment via Chrome River:

Chrome River Allowable Payments List

  • Business Meals, Refreshments, and Alcohol (8.1.1)
  • Cash Advances (8.3.1)
  • Conference registrations paid to the conference provider less than $20,000 (seminars, workshops, training for an individual)
  • Custodial fund transactions (formerly referred to as agency funds)

  • * Employee Reimbursements for;
    • Travel expenses (15.1.4),
    • Educational materials less than $10,000 purchased while in Travel status,
    • Items purchased on Behalf of the University of Illinois System up to $500 (8.2.2), and
    • Reimbursement for relocation expenses incurred (8.11.2)
  • Financial Support and Sponsorship Payments (8.1.5)
  • Goods up to $500 where no contract is required (7.4)
  • Honorariums less than $5,000 (8.6.2)
  • * Hotels, meals, and transportation expense for non-employees (Restricted TCard Purchases)
  • Human Subject Payments not paid under a program advance (8.4)
  • Memberships less than $10,000 (8.1.3)
  • Payments in lieu of real estate taxes
  • Payments to vendors/promoters for ticket sales/deposits held for events
  • Payments to vendors/promoters/performers for contracted performances and athletic events
  • Payments to contracted summer/sports camp counselors
  • Payments to athletic event officials
  • Postage Meter Refills less than $50,000
  • Prizes and Awards less than $50,000 (8.1.4)
  • Program Advances (8.3.1)
  • Real Property Leases
  • Refunds (patients, staff, and students) (8.6.11)
  • Royalty Payments made by the University when the University is the owner or co-owner of intellectual property and shares in royalties with another entity or individual – This excludes royalty payments paid by the University to access/use another entity’s intellectual property
  • Sponsored Third Party Payment - using account code 186505
  • Subscriptions for use by an academic department made to newspapers, periodicals, newsletters, journals, directories, or other publications (including online subscriptions) under $10,000. Excludes any subscriptions used for software
  • University Related Organization (URO) Payments – Authorized Payments Only
  • Utilities

University Payables is responsible for Expense Report payments via Chrome River. Instructions to process payments for goods and services listed on the Chrome River Allowable Payments List are provided on the Chrome River Resource Page.

8.5 Vendor Setup and Maintenance
7.2 Purchase of Goods and Services
7.4 Cash Purchases
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