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University of Illinois Amazon Business

Note: Departments should continue maximizing the use of the University of Illinois System contracts found in iBuy. When iBuy contracts are not available, Amazon may be utilized.

Only employees who are participating in the university's Amazon Business account will be authorized to use the System's sales tax exemption letters for Amazon purchases. Therefore, employees who would like to purchase from Amazon and are not members of the university's Amazon Business account should contact their Department Card Manager (DCM) to determine who should make purchases on behalf of their department. Please be aware that in the future the System may not reimburse employees who use personal funds to make Amazon purchases.

The central Amazon Business account must be used only for System business purposes. No personal purchases may be made from System email addresses in the business account. Personal use or any unauthorized use of the System’s sales tax exemption is prohibited and may constitute a violation of state law and result in removal of access to the university’s Amazon business account, disciplinary or legal action.

All Amazon Business users must follow all university and departmental purchasing policies.

Learn more about how to participate in the University’s Amazon Business Account.

Amazon Shipping Information

The university subscribes to Amazon Business Prime Shipping which provides free 2-day shipping on all prime orders and items regardless of price.

Who to Ask

For questions regarding Amazon Business, departments should email questions to