University of Illinois System
Policies & Procedures

21 Merchant Cards


At this point, the University does not allow for its merchant units to pass credit card processing fees on to their customers in the form of credit card surcharges. Instead, it is recommended that merchants factor the anticipated expense into the price of their goods or services.

21.1 Operating as a Merchant Card Unit

21.1.1 Determine the Best Technology for Accepting Credit/Debit Cards
21.1.2 Become a Merchant Unit
21.1.3 Accept Cards for Payment
21.1.4 Respond to Disputed Transactions
21.1.5 Refund a Transaction
21.1.6 Reconcile Credit/Debit Card Transactions

21.2 Security

21.2.1 Become PCI Compliant
21.2.2 Validate PCI Compliance Annually
21.2.3 Store Cardholder Data on Paper Securely

21.3 Stored Value or Gift Cards

21.3.1 Establishing Stored Value Cards or Gift Card Programs
21.3.2 Report Expired and Unredeemed Stored Value Cards, Gift Cards, and Other Cards