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8.3.4 Extension of a Cash Advance Due Date

Policy Statement

A cash advance due date extension may be allowed for extenuating circumstances.

Reason for the Policy

A cash advance due date extension allows for the continuation of funds beyond its original due date but within IRS reporting requirements.

Applicability of the Policy

Whenever there is a request for approval to extend a cash advance due date.


A cash advance due date extension will not be granted for a period longer than 18-months past the issue date of the advance.

A cash advance due date extension request must be endorsed by the unit head.

A cash advance due date extension request must also be properly documented and approved by University Payables (UPAY).

A request for an extension of a cash advance due date may be granted based on UPAY review of the following criteria:

  • Written justification from the custodian of the advance and submitted to the department business manager/reviewer.
  • Written approval of the requested due date extension and justification for the request from the department business manager/reviewer.

Unit approved due date extension requests should be submitted via ticket to the UPAY service desk. Unit approvals should be attached as justification for review. All communication regarding the extension request, including the status of the UPAY approval, will be provided via the assigned ticket number.

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