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PCards and TCards

The University of Illinois System card program, managed by University Payables, includes Purchasing Cards (PCards) and Travel Cards (TCards).

The PCard is a charge card issued to Cardholders to simplify U of I System authorized small dollar purchases of supplies and small equipment. It is a System-paid, System-liability Mastercard™.

The TCard is a charge card authorized by the Department Head. It may be used by U of I System employees to purchase qualified travel expenses, business meals and/or refreshments for specific events. It is a System-paid, System-liability MasterCard® which relieves the employee from significant out of pocket expenses.


How to Request a Card

Explore this section to learn how to request PCards and TCards.

Card Roles and Responsibilities

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in managing PCards and TCards

Inappropriate Card Use

This section provides information about the inappropriate use of PCards and TCards, and guidance on how to avoid issues.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Learn how to report a lost or stolen PCard or TCard.

UPAY Card Services

University Payables (UPAY) Card Services, as well as Department Card Managers (DCM), oversee and administer the University's Card programs.

UPAY Card Services' assistance to units includes, but is not limited to:

  • Receiving and processing card applications submitted by the DCM or the DCM Delegate
  • Suspending and cancelling cards within the programs
  • Overseeing card program compliance with applicable policies and procedures
  • Verifying completion of the required training and certification quiz of card program participants
  • Processing and maintaining in designated databases:
    • Cardholder profile
    • New card applications
    • Card status
    • Role holder access
    • DCM assignment
  • Performing Help Desk services and activities
  • Ensuring active employees are assigned to required roles in the card programs
  • Developing and delivering training for card programs
  • Conducting department visits
  • Sending various communications to card program participants
  • Acting as a liaison with the Bank and auditors